Deciding on a prescription vs. an OTC male enhancement product can often be a daunting task. This is because there are simply hundreds of options to choose from. You can choose a prescription male enhancement product such as the famous little blue pill, or you can choose a safe, all-natural, non-prescription male enhancer such as ASP for Men.

However, before you make a decision, there are a variety of factors you need to address. The first is obvious: cost. Let’s take a moment and talk about the expense of using a prescription male enhancer. The first cost will of course be visiting your doctor. While many men have medical insurance and will only be charged a nominal fee such as $10-$20, the unfortunate reality is that millions of men in America do not have medical insurance and would therefore have to pay hundreds of dollars just to see their doctor.

After the consultation, and if the doctor recommends a product, you will then have to fill the order. While it is possible to shop around for a great deal, most men will simply go to their local pharmacy to receive their prescription. This is often a very expensive choice even if they are insured.

On the other hand, using a OTC male enhancement products such as ASP (Advanced Sexual Performance) will cost you a fraction of the price of using a prescription male enhancer. In fact, there is also a special on offering a buy two, get one free special for $99.


One of the other benefits of using a natural male enhancement product such as ASP is safety. The reality is that prescription male enhancement products, while effective, are also risky. This is because the chemicals used these products can lead to minor side effects such as headaches or in serious cases, much more serious complications such as the potential for heart failure.

Thankfully, natural products do not have the same risk as their prescription counterparts do. In fact, the only chance of having a side effect from using a natural male enhancement products would be an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients: something that rarely happens.


In conclusion, if you need a little help in the bedroom and or are looking for a more pleasurable physical experience, ASP for Men is the product for you. It is safe, effective, all-natural, and most importantly is much more affordable than using a prescription male enhancement product.

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